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The Shamanic Fire Path is currently located in the beautiful Dorset BH23, Highcliffe area.

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Fire ceremonies

The spiritual force of the fire has a nourishing aspect, a transformational aspect and a pure aspect free from intention.

The nourishing aspect gives power, love, joy and the creativity to express ourselves.

The transformation aspect gives us the possibility to let the old go and creates space for new things, for change.

The pure aspect free from intention

is beyond the realm of development and change, it involves the eternal and immutable.

Fire ceremonies always refer to more or less on all 3 aspects. Often one of them is in the foreground. In this age, which is especially affected from big changes and upheavals, the transformational aspect has a big significance.

The lighting of two candles

The lighting of two candles in front of meditation is already a small fire ceremony. The two candles symbolize the 'gates of light' that allows the people to open themselves much easier for the flow of love and light and the connection to the Divine.


Arathis are fire ceremonies with chanting. The fire usually is lighted in a small fire shell with camphor or in an oil lamp or in a lamp with butter-ghee. Some Arathis including several fires to express various aspects of the fire. The Arathis are often devoted to avatars, such as Jesus, Babaji or Sai Baba. The focus on a character who is already completed, makes it easier for us, to follow the path to our own self fulfilment. Arathis are very useful to clear a room before or after meditation.

Blessing pictures

With the blessing from pictures of a divine character or a divine aspect (Jesus, Agni or the representation of the divine father or the Divine Mother) - for example in front of an altar with an incense, is to devote the fire to this aspect and so - to strenghten the power of this aspect.