The Shamanic fire path


...is personal coaching

with trusted shamanic techiques


Shamanic Traditions - Fireshamans

Nowadays, in an age of increasing spiritual awareness, more and more the shamanic traditions come back into the public eye. Shamanism is a powerful expression of spirituality, which can initiate healing and knowledge on all levels.


Fireshamans already have their knowledge in themselves. Through initiations and an intensive training their shamanic power and the access to the spiritual force of the fire awakens. Their deep love for all beings and manifestations enables them to use and guide the spiritual energy of the fire. Through this direct access to the fire, traditional paraphernalia is not necessary and effortful preparations for rituals and treatments can be reduced.


Fireshamans express their love to the fire through drumming, chanting, words or simply through their being, to remind people of their origins, their love and light. They use their fire wherever it is needed to promote physical, mental, and spiritual development. This includes working with nature spirits, power animals and the four elements, healing through direct contact with the soul level, travelling into other dimensions, clairvoyant abilities and much more.


Find out for yourself and let the vibrations of a fireshamanic healer initiate your own shamanic power finding the spirit in you and living this bigger vision.

A speech by Babaji 1984


Love and serve all humanity.


Assist everyone.


Be happy, be courteous.


Be a dynamo of irrepressible joy.


Recognize God and goodness in

every face.


There is no saint without a past

and no sinner without a future.


Praise everyone.


If you cannot praise someone,

let them out of your life.


Be original, be inventive.


Be courageous.


Take courage again and again.


Do not imitate; be strong, be upright.


Do not lean on the crutches of others.


Think with your own head. Be yourself.


All perfection and every divine virtue

are hidden within you.


Reveal them to the world.


Wisdom, too, is already within you.


Let it shine forth.


Let the Lord's grace set you free.


Let your life be that of the rose;

in silence, it speaks the language of fragrance.